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Have you ever spent an hour in “conversation” with someone, and all they did was talk about themselves? To be honest, I think that is one of the worst relational experiences; they don’t even ask you a question! Have you ever walked away from a conversation like that, thinking, “It’s like they didn’t even want to know me”?

Or maybe worse… have you ever had a really meaningful conversation with someone, and the next time you see them, they don’t even remember your name? Isn’t it frustrating? I think the reason these experiences can be so hurtful is because, as human beings, we have this deep craving inside of us to know, and to be known.

Well, one of my favourite passages in the Bible is a prayer that the Apostle Paul writes for some new Christians living in a place called Ephesus. Paul says “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be opened, so that you may know the hope to which [God] has called you…” I love that prayer. It reflects the narrative in Scripture of a loving God who knows us intimately, and invites us to know Him and the plan he has for your life.

When you come to ConneXion, you will find people at all different points on their spiritual journey getting to know God, and each other. These people aren’t perfect, and neither am I. We don’t have it all together, and we wrestle with big questions that sometimes make us uncomfortable, but we believe there is a God who created us, and invites us to get to know Him.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to believe that to come to ConneXion; all you need is a desire to journey.

I am glad your journey led you here; feel free to check out our podcasts to get a feel for what you may hear on any given Sunday, or click here for what you can expect each and every Sunday at our gatherings, every Sunday at 11 AM.

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Marc Gagnon
Lead Pastor