Why Serve?

Serving is a great way to help the community you are involved in as well as a way to get connected to ConneXion! We are heavily run and operated by our amazing volunteers. You may come to ConneXion and think, “I have no skills or talents to offer, I don't even think they need anyone!” Whether you are a tech junkie, or have never touched an instrument before, we are more than happy to train you in the area you want to serve in! Check the four areas below and feel free to contact us to check out one of our serving areas if you're just curious and don't know where you want to serve yet. We are more than happy to show you around!

Areas of Service


What is the Worship Team?

Vocals. Piano. Bass. Drums. Guitar, and the occasional surprise instrument. To the unaccustomed eye, it looks and sounds like a concert or jam session early Sunday morning. However, being on the worship team means using your musical abilities for something more than just entertainment. It means creating an environment where people both near and far from God can come to experience Him. What is most exciting about the Worship Team is that we have a great group of people who are committed to creating a time that allows us to freely worship God with music, and our heart is that everything we do, including our music, would show that we are always trying to live worshipping God.

Would you like to join our team?

Do you play an instrument? Can you carry a tune without causing a person to cover their ears and run out of the room screaming? This ministry might be for you! Check out the following roles:

  • The Musician is someone who has significant musical experience on an instrument or instruments, who is able to read and understand music and actively participate in band rehearsals and Sunday morning services.
  • The Band Leader is someone who is responsible for arranging music for the specific band and leading the band through those arrangements during rehearsals.
  • The Worship Leader is someone responsible for choosing the music that will be played based on its relevance to Scripture, the teaching, and providing the best opportunity for everyone to worship musically together.

What is the Tech and Logistics Team?

Everything you see — from the chairs to the stage from the screen to the lights — as well as everything you hear is set up and run by the logistics and tech team. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for those who are exploring both Christians and Christianity. We help to create an environment that isn’t “churchy”. This way people who don’t have a church background don't feel uncomfortable when they come to ConneXion. What is most exciting about the Tech and Logistics team is that people are willing to serve and willing to learn because they want to serve in any way they can. Seeing the age differences of all the volunteers gets me excited; it shows that age is not a barrier to belonging.

Would you like to join our team?

Are you energetic, eager, dedicated, willing to learn, and do you have a servant attitude? This ministry might be for you! Check out the following roles:

  • The Set-Up Team sets up all the equipment ConneXion uses during the service.
  • The Service Team controls the lights, sound, and slides during the service.
  • The Tear-Down Team tears down all the equipment that ConneXion uses at the end of the service and puts it away for the following week.

What is ConneXion KIDZ?

KIDZ Ministry is our children’s program for kids 0–12. It takes place during the main service at ConneXion. Our goal is to lead the children into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We love teaching the Message of God in ways that allow every child — those who come from Christian homes as well as those who don’t — to connect with God and learn. What is most exciting about about KIDZ ministry is the potential we have to shape the lives of the future generation.

Would you like to join our team?

Are you hardworking, responsible, caring, growing/developing and/or creative? This ministry might be for you! Check out the following roles:

  • The Set-up team is in charge of creating the physical environment for our entire Kidz ministry.
  • The Nursery team is responsible for the well-being of the children including feeding, playing and watching the children. Nursery doesn’t involve any teaching or prep work.
  • The KIDZ team’s responsibilities include watching over the kids, maintaining a safe environment, following a curriculum, planning activities, creating games and participating in music and worship.
  • The Tear-Down team is in charge of packing up all of our supplies at the end of the service and returning the space we use to its previous state.

What is the Integration Team?

The Integration Sunday Serve Team is an integral part of ConneXion. This team plays a significant role in ConneXion’s discipleship plan by creating a welcoming and loving environment for anyone who walks through the doors of ConneXion through aesthetics, snacks and greeting. Not only are they the “first contact” an individual has with ConneXion, but they often provide the connection point for a “next step” whether it be joining the ConneXion community, providing direction to sign up for a community group, baptism or other connection opportunity. Every person brings a unique gift that we get to utilize to help make ConneXion successful. And we have fun! Getting people involved and working together creates an irresistible environment for those who believe, as well as those who don’t.

Would you like to join our team?

Are you selfless, creative and team oriented? This ministry might be for you! Check out the following roles below:

  • The Set-up team sets up the Welcome Centre, prepares the refreshments for our meetings and creates the appealing and unique atmosphere that so many people appreciate.
  • The Groceries team purchases the refreshments for our weekly meetings. Each member of the team buys groceries once a month.
  • The Tear-Down team cleans up the refreshment tables, dismantles the Welcome Centre, washes our dishes and stores our belongings for the following week.
  • The Greeters team waits to greet guests at points of entry with a friendly “Hello!” and directions.

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